Living Hope Ministries of the Eastern Shore

Pastor M. Lebron Palmer


September 2014




Sunday Mornings -                                                                                                  Morning Worship 10:30AM

Sunday Evenings -                                                                                                  Evening Worship   6:00PM

Monday Evenings -                                                                          Living Hope School of Ministry(SEASONAL)

Tuesday Evenings -                                                                            College&Career Drama Practice   6:30PM

Wednesday Evenings -                                                      Family Ministry Night: Classes for all ages   7:00PM

Thursday Evenings -                              Biweekly Small Groups, Biweekly Youth Drama Practice  6:30PM & 5:30PM 

Friday Evenings -                                                                                                           Youth Worship 7:00PM

*If you or someone you know needs transportation to and from services, please see David Evans, Jr. or Terri Crockett and they will be glad to assist you.

Monthly News

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