Living Hope Ministries of the Eastern Shore

Pastor M. Lebron Palmer


April 2014




Sunday Mornings -                                                                                                  Morning Worship 10:30AM

Sunday Evenings -                                                                                                  Evening Worship   6:00PM

Monday Evenings -                                                                          Living Hope School of Ministry(SEASONAL)

Tuesday Evenings -                                                                            College&Career Drama Practice   6:30PM

Wednesday Evenings -                                                      Family Ministry Night: Classes for all ages   7:00PM

Thursday Evenings -                              Biweekly Small Groups, Biweekly Youth Drama Practice  6:30PM & 5:30PM  

*If you or someone you know needs transportation to and from services, please see David Evans, Jr. or Terri Crockett and they will be glad to assist you.

*We are excited to announce that we have had one more person step forward as a guarantor after services last Sunday evening. We are looking forward to announcing the last guarantor next week. Thank you for considering how you can be a part of this exciting step in our church history.

*Building plans are progressing with the laying out of the four corners of the building this past Saturday morning. More work is being done as subcontracting bids are being recalculated due to the resizing of the building. Keep in prayer as this process moved forward. We will keep you updated here as things happen.

*We are in need of plastic easter eggs for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Please see Terri Crockett for more information

*The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, April 19th at 1pm at the church property located at Holland Crossing Rd/Crisfield-Marion Road

*Easter Sunday Services will be at 8:30AM and 10:30AM. NO PM SERVICES

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